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Student Service Hour Log


We encourage all AR MacNeill students to be well rounded and get involved in at least one positive club, team, activity or event at Macneill Secondary School outside of the classroom. These kinds of activities help you learn more about yourself and others, allow you time to have fun and provide wonderful opportunities to meet people and make new friends.  Getting involved and helping others also feels good and help to make our school and our community better. Volunteer hours are also very beneficial for strengthening student's post-secondary, scholarship and job applications. (Please note, volunteer service in the greater community and/or church, etc., are also worthwhile, but recognized separately from MAC school service).

Service hours are contributed by MAC students who volunteer their time to the school because the intended outcome will make our school a better place for others and are not part of a course requirement. Hours spent on Student Council, Grad Committee, leading a volunteer service club, managing a Ravens team, serving as a student-leader at Meet The Teacher and helping to organize special events, fundraising or campaigns to raise awareness and funds for others are just a few examples of service to Macneill.  Each school year, students must have a minimum of 20 hours to receive Level One, a minimum of 45 hours to receive Level Two and a minimum of 80 hours to recieve Exceptional.  Please note, students will self-report their service hours, but all service hours need to be confirmed by a teacher or staff sponsor and cannot be for course credit or pay. Stay tuned for an updated Student Services Hour Log Sheet.