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Staff List and Emails

School Administrators

Name Position Email
Mr. J Blair Principal
Mr. A Byres Vice Principal
Ms. D MacDonald Vice Principal

School Counsellors

Name Position Online Email
Ms. H Macleod Counsellor - Grade 8-12 Student Alpha ending in (A – I)
M Voulgaris Counsellor - Grade 8-12 Student Alpha ending in (J-M)
Mr. J Vernier Counsellor - Grade 8-12 Student Alpha ending in (N- Z)
Ms. M Mayer Career Information Advisor Ms. Mayer Career Center Website, Ms. Mayer Career Center Facebook Page

Office Secretaries

Name Position Email
Ms. L Hu Business Assistant - School Cash Online
Ms. H Wong Senior Administrative Secretary
Ms. T Lai Administrative Secretary - Student Records
Ms. L Chin Administrative Secretary - Attendance

Teaching Staffs

Name Position Email
Mr. D Akune Teacher
Mr. A Bonifacio Teacher
Mr. H Brown Teacher
Ms. B Capalad Teacher
Ms. T Carpenter Teacher
Mr. B Chiang Teacher
Mr. F Chiang Teacher
Ms. N Cholevas Teacher
Ms. M Datoo Teacher
Ms. N Gagnon Teacher
Mr. K Henders Teacher
Mr. B Hockley Teacher
Ms. A Hunt Teacher
Ms. A Jagdeo Teacher
Ms. T Klein Teacher
Ms. J Kirk Teacher
Mr. R Klose Teacher
Ms. S Kohli Teacher
Mr. M Kwan Teacher
Ms. J Lee Teacher
Mr. R Lee Teacher
Mr. J Leung Teacher
Ms. B Lew Teacher
Ms. C Li Teacher
Mr. S Li Teacher
Mr. A Littlewood Teacher
Ms. C Lockhart Teacher
Mr. J Lou Teacher
Mr. J Luk Teacher
Mr. K Mak Teacher
Mr. B Mayan Teacher
Mr. D McDowell Teacher
Mrs. L Mei Teacher
Ms. C Misfeldt Teacher
Mr. M Nguyen Teacher
Mrs. E Moorhead Teacher
Mrs. J Nishi Teacher
Ms. A Padmanabhan Teacher
Ms. D Quan Teacher
Mr. P Read Teacher
Mr. B Sandhu Teacher
Mr. D Scott Teacher
Ms. P Riding Teacher
Mr. C Stroud Teacher
Ms. K Tan Teacher
Mr. T Taylor Teacher
Mr. S Thorsen Teacher
Mr. L Vidas Teacher
Ms. K Vroom Teacher
Ms. K Walker Teacher
Mr. M Wang Teacher

Support Staffs

Name Position Email
Ms. J Agdipa EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. A Arjune Kaied EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. D Boojhawon EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. R Borland EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. J Cameron EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. T Dynneson EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. M Ghezelayagh EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. Y Hwang EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. C Lai EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. D Latif EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. S Mcmillan EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. C Mesich EA (Education Assistant)
Mr. J Soo EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. T Wiles EA (Education Assistant)
Mr. C Zhang EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. M Balel EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. L Butner EA (Education Assistant)
Mr. B Campbell EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. M Colby EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. T Deputter EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. M Dominick EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. K James EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. F Khan EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. J Monteiro EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. K Munn EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. J Pyne EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. C Teraguchi EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. R Virk-Sanghera EA (Education Assistant)
Mr. J Walley EA (Education Assistant)
Ms. S Wu Library Technician
Mr. D Singh Lab Technician