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The Athletic Program is designed to offer students an opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular sports while representing their school.  The Athletics program at MacNeill promotes sportsmanship, leadership, commitment, discipline, cooperation and responsibility. Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between one's physical fitness and academic performance.  MacNeill Secondary has teams in the following areas (subject to student interest and coach/sponsor availability):




Grade 8 (Bantam) Girls Volleyball

Grade 8 (Bantam) Girls Basketball

Grade 8 (Bantam) Boys Volleyball

Grade 9 (Juvenile) Girls Volleyball

Grades 9/10 (Junior) Girls Basketball

Grade 9 (Juvenile) Boys Volleyball

Grade 10 (Junior) Girls Volleyball

Grades 11/12 (Senior) Girls Basketball

Grade 8 (Bantam) Badminton

Grades 11/12 (Senior) Girls Volleyball

Grade 8 (Bantam) Boys Basketball

Grades 9/10 (Junior) Badminton

Grade 10 (Junior) Boys Volleyball

Grade 9 (Juvenile) Boys Basketball

Grades 11/12 (Senior) Badminton

Grades 11/12 (Senior) Boys Volleyball

Grade 10 (Junior) Boys Basketball


Cross Country

Grades 11/12 (Senior) Boys Basketball

Track & Field


Table Tennis


Grades 8-12 (Senior) Boys Soccer


Grades 8-12 (Senior) Girls Soccer


For gym schedules, game schedules, parent forms, and more information, please visit: MacNeill Athletics 

For all RSSAA league schedules and standings, visit: esportsdesk Richmond

Financial Aid?

There are some costs involved in participating as an athlete on one of the school teams to pay for uniforms, team clothing, equipment, referees, tournament fees, etc. If this will be difficult for your family, please visit KidSport for information on applying for external funding.

For more information about the MacNeill athletics program, please contact our Athletic Director, Ms. K. Tan.