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Alternate Schedule - Graduation Literacy Assessment 12 January 24, Tuesday & 25, Wednesday

The January Grad Assessments will be run using TWO extended PLT sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.
On each of the grad assessment days, we will start the day with the Grad Assessment and PLT, followed by 4 x 40minute classes.


All grade 12 students at MacNeill will be taking the Graduation Literacy Assessment 12 (GLA 12) on either January 24 or January 25 from 8:30am – 11:30am in one of the computer labs at the school. Students should consult the schedule for the GLA 12 posted on the school’s office window to determine the date and time assigned.

Students must check their assessment date and time and location on the posted schedules.


All students are required to write the GLA 12 to graduate in BC. Additionally, students graduating this year should ensure they have written the GNA 10 and GLA 10. Please see Ms. MacDonald in the office for questions.


Grad Assessment Instructions:

• Students scheduled for the GLA 12 should arrive by 8:15 AM to their assigned location. 

• Bring photo ID, pen/pencil, and a water bottle. 

• Cell phones must be stored turned OFF in your backpack, and backpacks will be stored at the front of the room.

If you are not scheduled to take your GLA, sign up for a PLT to get caught up on work, stay ahead and prepare for their subjects  


Updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2024