Grad Events - 2015-2016

Important Information for MacNeill Parents & Graduates

The grade 12 year is an exciting and busy time for our graduates.  There are numerous events planned throughout the year for our grads to celebrate their accomplishments.  Select any of the events listed below for more detailed information:

Grad Committee
Boat Cruise - September 24, 2015
Graduation Photography - December 6-10, 2015 
Winter Formal - February 18, 2016
Valedictory Ceremony - June 9, 2016 
Dinner & Dance - June 29, 2016
Dry After Grad Celebration - June 29/30, 2016
Post Secondary & Scholarship Information
Transcript Verification Reports & Post Secondary Institute Forms

Participating in graduation activities is a privilege and we expect all our graduates to act in a mature, responsible and respectful manner.  Inappropriate or offensive behavior or being in possession or under the influence of alcohol or other substances at any school or graduation event will lead to the student being denied attendance at the event and subsequent grad activities.  MacNeill has a strong tradition of graduates displaying a POWERful attitude and positive behaviors.

There are some "outside" companies that plan and offer grad trips.  These trips are NOT supported and coordinated through the school and students are not supervised by school personnel on these trips.  Parents are advised to carefully inquire about any non-school sponsored trips and if in doubt, parents should phone the school administration.