Below are some of the clubs offered this year at MacNeill.  Click here to view this information in a chart format.  All students are invited to join any of these clubs.  Please see the staff sponsor for more information and listen to the daily announcements to hear about upcoming meetings and special events.

Amica Club
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Carpenter, Ms. Urton
Description: Multicultural/friendship club promoting diversity with school and encouraging tolerance and anti-racism.

Animal Rescue Club
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Irani, Mr. Hiriyama
Description: This club participates in some fundraising initiatives with the goal of helping to support animals in care.

Buzz Art Porfolio
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Walker
Description: Explore 2D/3D design, making and creating compositions.

Chess Club
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Littlewood
Description: A place to learn how to play chess.

Choral Ensemble
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Anderson
Description: A chance to explore advanced music.

Drama Spring Production
Staff Sponsor:  Mrs. Mullens
Description: Students who are looking to have their moment on stage to try their hand behind the scenes are encouraged to audition or sign up for this year's annual production.  Every grade and level of experience are welcomed.

DVD Club
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Klose
Description: This club takes photos and videos throughout the year and edits the their footage to make the school's yearly DVD.

First Responders Team
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Thompson
Description:  Open to Gr. 10-12 students who have successfully passed the requirements to become certified First Responders.  Team members are expected to work as a collaborative team, attend required meetings, and exhibit all aspects off POWER.

Global Footprints
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Misfeldt
Description:  TBA

Grad Committee
Staff Sponsor:  Gr. 12 Adv. Teachers
Description: This club plays an important role in planning various graduation events.

Jazz Band
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Anderson
Description: This club is for experience musicians who are interested in exploring advanced music. 

Library Club
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Philips, Ms. Hercus
Description:  This club is open to any student volunteers who would like to help in the library.

MacNeill Student Interpreters Club
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Nishi
Description:  This is a club for students who are interested in acting as interpreters at MacNeill.  This will give students an opportunity to use their language skills and collect volunteer hours.  Multi-lingual students are invited to participate. 

Raven Readers
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Philips
Description:  This club meets on a monthly basis to discuss different books.

Raven Review
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Philips
Description:  This club writes and produces a news magazine containing school news.

Ravens Jr. & Sr. Dance Team
Staff Sponsor:  Mrs. Mullens
Descriptions:  This is a group of independent, hard working, committed individuals who work together to create dynamic performances to compete at various locations around the lower mainland.  Every style and level of dancer is welcomed. 

Student Council
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Mei
Descriptions:  Th Student Coucil is a Student leadership group that promotes school spirit and community activism.  The student Council plays an important role representing the entire student body and plans many events throughout the school year.

Teen2Teen Tutoring
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Misfeldt
Description:  Gr. 11/12 students offer tutoring in a variety of subjects to students looking for a tutor.  Tutors may earn $10.00/Hr. 

Unity Club
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Minuk
Description:  This club is for students who want to help students with special needs feel more part of the shool.  Students must be willing to work with these students during lunch and special events.

Yearbook Club
Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Carpenter
Description:  Learn how to produce the school yearbook alongside the yearbook class.

30 Hr. Famine
Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Henders
Description: This club is focused on raising funds and awareness to fight world poverty.