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A.R. MacNeill Secondary School Clubs 2019-2020


Name of Club


Meeting Location

Meeting Times 

30 Hour Famine

 Mr. K. Henders

Room 218

Wednesdays at Lunch

Animal Rescue Club 

E-Games Club

Mr. S. Gamliel-Komar

Room 217

Tuesdays at Lunch

Fridays at Lunch

Anime/ Japanese Cultural Club


    Mr. A. Littlewood

Anime – Room 113 Japanese Cultural Club-Computer Lab 111


Fridays at Lunch

Buzz Art Club

 Ms. K. Walker

Room 151

Thursdays at Lunch

Chess Club

  Mr. A. Littlewood

Room 113

Tuesdays at Lunch

Community Service Club

Ms. C. Dumansky

Room 116

Wednesdays at Lunch

Drama Club

  Ms. R. Lewin



Dance Team

      Ms. R. Lewin

Dance Studio Room 156


DVD Club

  Mr. R. Klose

Room 160


ELL Homework/ Culture /Language Club

Ms. J. Nishi

Room 117

1st and 3rd Wednesdays After School 

First Responders

Mr. F. Chiang

Room 265

Tuesdays at Lunch

Green Team

Mr. N. McCallum

Room 260

Mondays at Lunch

Rainbow Club

Mr. K. Henders & 

Mr. B. Bone

Room 218

Fridays at Lunch

Grad Committee

Ms. L. Valiquette, 

Ms. T. OLeary,

Mr. B. Chiang, 

Mr. F. Chiang, Ms. K. Carre, Mr. J. Lou, Ms. J. Hendrix, Mr. P. Reid

Room 132

Thursdays at Lunch

Library Monitors

 Ms. P. Spiers


See Ms. Spiers for more Info.

MacNeill United Against Hunger

  Ms. L. Valiquette

Rm 132

Thursdays at 3:10 pm

Math Enrichment Club

Mr. J. Lou

Room 243

Tuesdays at Lunch

Raven Running Club

   Mr. M. Nelstrop


Wednesdays after school


R&B/Jazz Band 

     Mr. A. Warbinek

Room 152 

(Music Room)

Wednesdays 2-3PM

Fridays at Lunch

Ski & Snowboard Club

    Mr. D. McDowell

Room 214


Student Council

Mr. J. Leung

Rm 242

Mondays at Lunch


(Student Christian) Club

Mr. P. Thackwray,

Mr. M. Wang,

Mr. B. Mayan, 

Mr. J. Leung

Room 242

Last Day 1 of the week

(Thurs. or Fri.) at Lunch