Grad Photography


Artona Studios will be taking our grad photos this year from Feb 15 - 20, 2022.  Artona Studios sets up a mobile studio at our school and takes a variety of photos on various backgrounds with a cap and gown, flowers, diplomas, or other creative props.  Grads may sign up online to book their appointment time.  February 15-20 is designated for individual grad photos and a later date to be determined will be designated for groups of friends to have their photos taken together.  There is no fee for students to have their photos taken, and we encourage all students have a grad photo so that they will have their picture included in the yearbook and annual graduation composite that is displayed in the school.  Students will receive proofs of their photos mailed directly to their house and at that time may choose from a variety of photo packages.  

If you experience any problems signing up for a grad photo, please see Ms. MacDonald.