Our School Story







School Philosophy: 

The central goals of education are intellectual, social, and career development.  We at A. R. MacNeill Secondary School believe that this development is more a journey than a destination. MacNeill has been founded on the guiding principles of effective practice, flexibility, and choice.  As part of a community of learners, we believe in extending learning outside the walls of the school building.  Students learn to set goals and formulate plans for healthy intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. At A.R. MacNeill Secondary, we believe that high levels of engagement and a sense of belonging in schools is an essential element for student success. This philosophy extends to our International Students. We are thrilled to welcome students from China, Ecuador, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nigeria, Qatar, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Vietnam to MacNeill. As a school that values diversity, inclusion, and intercultural experiences, our International students help to enrich our community!

The MacNeill POWER matrix continues to form the foundation of our school community and stems from a Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) approach.  POWER is an acronym that MacNeill staff, students and parents chose to define the school-wide expectations for student behavior in various settings. It helps staff and students be clear about what is expected. It  provides a framework for instruction of positive, responsible, caring, cooperative, and respectful students who strive to do their best within the school and the community. 

       P = Positive Attitude ...We participate enthusiastically.
O = Ownership...We are accountable for our choices and actions.
W = We not Me...We are safe, empathetic and welcoming.
E = Excellence...We strive to do our best.
R = Respect...We take care of ourselves, each other, and our environment.