TE: Metalwork 12

Course Description

A continuation of the Metal fab 11/C&C 1, this course will allow for resumed work on projects that are either in development or are new. The basis of this course is to add to the processes stated in the previous grade 11 course.

The following may be implemented.


  • Tig welding involving other materials other steel such as stainless and aluminum
  • Tig “brazing”
  • Index milling to make gears, hubs, and other components
  • Case hardening
  • Shielded stick welding
  • Accurate digital based machining operations
  • Development of tools and components to be used to enhance student projects.
  • More emphasis on structural basics
  • “Hot rod” frame and component design.
  • Fabrication of engine parts.

No pre-requisite is necessary for this course, although it may be handy. A valid course for any student wishing to entertain the metal trades or engineering in post-secondary.

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