SS: Humanities 8

Course Description

Students will take two blocks of Humanities 8, an integration of the Language Arts’ English and Social Studies curricula. This course builds upon the foundation laid in Grade 7 with a continued focus on the skills of reading comprehension, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing. The course emphasizes the writing process and explores the pleasure and satisfaction that come with the ability to write with confidence. Students will read widely and respond both personally and critically to a variety of literature, including novels, short stories, drama, poetry, and non-fiction.

They will develop research skills to use a range of resources, make effective notes and determine main ideas and supporting details. Humanities 8 examines world history and the factors that contribute to development of civilizations, including indigenous civilizations from the 7th Century to 1750 C.E., the years that saw the formation of the modern western world. Within that historical context, students will learn about change and development in society and culture, politics, law, economy and technology and learn how exploration, contact, conflict, expansion and colonization had varying consequences for different groups.

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