PE: Fitness, Conditioning and Health 11

Course Description

Welcome to MacNeill's "Training Facility!” This course will provide opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills to reach their personal fitness goals. Such skills include:

  • Understanding and explaining the components of fitness,
  • Assessing personal fitness
  • Researching nutritional and health topics
  • Learning and using different training techniques
  • Developing personal and group fitness plans

The focus of the course is on individual fitness and students will develop a variety of skills that they will continue to use after high school. Field trip opportunities are available to enhance and extend the learning outcomes of the course. Activities may include the grouse ground, hiking at The Chief, snow tubing, yoga, spin class, rock climbing, beach archery tag and cycling to name a few. This course is highly recommended for students looking to make positive changes in their lifestyle and motivates them to improve their health and fitness levels.

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