MA: Pre-Calculus 11

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Recommended: B in Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10

This course is designed for students who have passed Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10. It focuses on topics in mathematics that will be most applicable for University programs that require Calculus, including Science, Math, and Engineering. Students not intending on pursuing a career in these fields should take Foundations of Math 11 as it offers a broader range of mathematical topics. Topics in Pre-Calculus 11 are limited to those required for Calculus, including Absolute Value, Radicals, Quadratic and Rational Functions and Inequalities, Polynomials, and Trigonometric Functions. Of the three grade eleven courses, this course is the most abstract and has the least applications to most careers as it is a theoretical mathematics course. It satisfies the Ministry of Education graduation requirements, but may not be sufficient for entry into some post-secondary programs. Please check with individual institutions for details.

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