LANG: Japanese 12

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Completion of Japanese 11 (Regular) is strongly recommended for students wanting to take Japanese 12

Workbooks (Approx. $55) are available to purchase or borrow.

Japanese 12 is the culmination of 3 years of Japanese language study at the secondary level.  Students will have met the Curricular Competencies set by the B.C. Ministry of Education that include an increasing range of complex vocabulary, sentence structures, and expressions.  Students will be introduced to an increasing range of kanji (Chinese characters as used in Japanese), time frames in the past, present, future, language formality and etiquette. First Peoples perspectives connecting language and culture, distinguishing features of major Japanese dialects, works of art, histories and worldviews of the indigenous peoples of Japan, Japanese-related resources and services, contributions of Japanese-Canadians to society, and the ethics of cultural appropriation and plagiarism.



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