ICT: Graphic Production 12 (Yearbook Journalism 12)

Course Description

This class is responsible for all aspects of the design and production of the yearbook. This unique course provides students with a variety of experiences in the desktop publishing field through the creation of the MacNeill Yearbook.  Students will develop a yearbook theme and then plan and publish the finished book. Emphasis is placed on develop­ing skills and knowledge in design, graphics, page layout, and the use of Josten's Yearbook online program, and/or Adobe photoshop.  Students develop abilities in gathering information, writing copy and captions, understanding the components of quality photography, copy editing skills, and techniques of writing headlines. This course will also require a group of the students to take photos at various events that will be used for the yearbook. Students are encouraged to experiment with different techniques in photography.

Students who choose to participate in this class must show maturity and independence, as well as have the ability to work as a strong team member.  Students will be expected to work under deadlines and commit time to this project after school whenever necessary.


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