HS: Career Life Connections 12 - REQUIRED for GRADUATION

Course Description

Career Life Connections 12

Students in Grade 12 are required to complete this 4-credit course for Graduation. This is a mandatory but non-enrolling course, which means that students are responsible for completing the required competencies on their own time

In the fall of 2019, students will be given specific details about each of the requirements. Some time will be allocated during Advisory to work on aspects of these assignments but a majority of them will have to be completed outside of school hours. It is the responsibility of students to finish ALL the requirements, on time, in order to graduate.The Career Life Connections Coordinator will be working with Grade 12 Advisory teachers and students to monitor progress and provide support, as needed.

There are four main components of the course:

  • Post-Graduation Plan:

     Students must complete a comprehensive plan outlining what they plan to do in their first year after high school: further their education, work or travel. In their plan, students must answer the 5W’s + H questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) plus include specific evidence that shows they are working towards their choice and preparing for a successful transition (e.g., acceptance letters, copy of transcript, updated resume, job applications, travel itinerary, copy of passport). 

  • Reflections on Life Areas 

     Students will be asked to reflect on their growth, self-awareness, mindsets, ability to think innovatively and problem solve, achieve balance, and consider future intentions/choices in each of the following life areas —finances, health & well-being, and career/education. These reflections will be word-processed or video-taped.

  • 30 Hours of Work/Volunteer Experience:

     Students must complete 30 hours of work or volunteer experience. To prove they have met this requirement, they must complete a 4-page form in which they reflect on their experience and have their performance assessed by a supervisor. 

  • Capstone Project:  

     A capstone project is a culminating project that allows students to demonstrate their learning using an area(s) of interest or passion as the basis for the project. Students must design, assemble, and present their project to an audience to demonstrate personal learning and achievement (in and out of school), growth in the core competencies (critical and creative thinking, communication and personal and social responsibility), and a reflection on their post-graduation plan. The presentations will take place at the Capstone Celebration at the end of June 2019.




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