EN: Humanities English 9

Course Description

Students will take two blocks of Humanities 9, and itegration of English and Social Studies.  Building on skills learned in Humanities 8, students will further develop strategies to read, view, speak and listen for specific purposes.  With an emphasis on writing process, students will explore critical and creative writing in workshop settings.  Students will continue to read widely in different genres, both for pleasure and to develop knowledge of plot structure and literary techniques.  They will develop research skills to use a range of resources, make effective notes and determine main ideas and supporting details. Students study Canadian history in the 1750 to 1919 century, with a focus on nation building, immigration, rebellions, Confederation, the development of the West, the history of the British Columbia economy, and World War One. Throughout their studies, students will consider the various conflicts between Canada’s peoples (First Nations, first European immigrants) arising from this time period, and relate these to current issues facing these same groups of Canadians today. Students will also be introduced to the Canadian economy, and they will continue to learn about Canadian geography.

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