EN: Composition 11 (AP Prep)

Course Description

This is a grade 11 course intended as preliminary preparation for the college-level course, Grade 12 AP ®English Language and Composition.  Students will earn credit for Composition 11 upon successful completion of English Language and Composition 11 (AP Prep). All students are invited to enroll in this course; however, academic rigor should be expected.

In addition to the Composition 11 curriculum, students will read challenging material, including classics, modern literature, and non-fiction and will develop high-level analysis skills that will enable them to read and think critically, and write effectively in a range of styles and for a variety of purposes in order to achieve success in college and university courses. 

Composition 11 (AP Prep) will introduce concepts and assessment methods to prepare students for the demands of an enriched curriculum. 

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