BE: Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12 (Formerly Entrepreneurship 12)

Course Description

Formerly Entrepreneurship 12, the purpose of the class is to provide students the foundation that is required to be a successful business owner.  Students will be given the opportunity to create their own business while applying the concepts learned in class.  Students will take part in exploring the traits required to be an Entrepreneur and the evaluation and identification of important business decisions.  Several projects in this class will involve the community, outside of the classroom and students must be prepared to embrace the opportunities to seek advice and assistance from individuals in the community.  Students will learn how to perform consumer analysis, products and services and the environment in order to develop a holistic business plan.  With the vast amount of technology available nowadays, the power of the Internet has played a huge role in the creation, development and sustainability of a business.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to witness and understand the importance of the Internet and its significance to the success of a business.

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