ART: Photography 10 (Visual Arts and Media Arts Level 1)

Course Description

This course is designed for the beginning photographer. Students will build a strong foundation in photography through theory and practice. Students will become familiar with functions of the camera, photographic processes, elements of composition, the art of printing photographs, toning and mounting. Students will also use Adobe Photoshop CC to accomplish certain digital effects. Major emphasis will be on digital photography. It is an advantage to the student to have access to a digital camera, preferably a single lens reflex camera which has f-stops, shutter speeds and focus control, as the school has a limited supply. Evaluation will be based on participation, assignments, projects and written and practical tests. Basic supplies will be provided to students in order to meet the learning outcomes of all courses. Should a student wish to use optional materials to enhance or elaborate upon the learning outcomes, then these may be purchased directly (and brought to the school) or through the school on a cost-recovery basis.


1.            SD Memory Card

2.            Hard bound blank paged journal

Course Code