ART: Art Studio 11 (Foundations 11)

Course Description

In this course, students will experience a wide variety of techniques and processes.  It involves both 2D and 3D art activities. The focus will be on skill development, focusing on the elements and principles of design.  Students will develop images, using various media and experimenting with techniques.  Through direct study and observation, students will develop an increased awareness of historical and cultural contexts.  Also, students will be exposed to traditional and contemporary aboriginal worldviews, focusing on cross-cultural perspectives.  Through this, they will develop an understanding and appreciate art forms from a variety of places, cultures, times and environments.  This will have a direct impact on their personal artistic style. A focus on image development, through the inspiration of primary and secondary sources, will shape each large-scale unit. Through a thematic focus, students will be able to see the interconnectedness of various concepts - socially, politically and personally.  Students will learn the importance of reflection and critiques during, and after, the creative process. Portfolio development for post-secondary requirements, leading to career options in the arts, will also be supported.


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