The Raven Spirit Challenge 2021

Rec Leadership will be hosting a series of competitions as part of what we are calling “The Raven Spirit Challenge”. For the first competition to test your Raven Spirit, we have organized a POWER t shirt design contest, to see which grade has the most unique fashion sense. We encourage students to get creative and submit a design that includes the word POWER and a raven. Each grade will then vote for their favorite design. 5 points will be awarded to each grade for every design that is submitted and one point will be awarded for each vote. The grade with the highest number of points at the end will win the POWER Shirt design contest. The contest will run from Monday Jan 11th – Monday Jan 18th, and at the end, all students will receive a POWER shirt to show their Raven Spirit. Please email your designs to by Monday January 18th


For more information, please click here: The Raven Spirit Challenge