Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a program of acceleration and enrichment which allows academically strong and motivated students to begin their college or university studies while still in secondary school. Upon successful completion of an Advanced Placement course, with an appropriate level of proficiency on a standardized exam, the student may apply to colleges and universities for advancestanding, course credit, or both. The AP program helps students pursue intellectual activities of a challenging nature and to develop higher-level thinking skills.

MacNeill offers Advanced Placement courses in: 

AP Biology 12 – see Science

AP Calculus 12 - see Math

AP Chemistry 12 – see Science

AP English Language and Composition 12 - see English

Students taking these courses may choose to write Advanced Placement examinations in May of each year. There is no course fee, however, there is a fee for writing the exam. As is the case for all courses offered at MacNeill, sufficient enrollment is required for courses to run.

In Canada, AP is growing rapidly in popularity. UBC, SFU, and UVIC recognize the Advanced Placement Program. Students admitted to these institutions who have completed AP subjects with high academic achievement may receive advanced placement and credit. AP is recognized and well- accepted in many eastern Canadian universities as well as all American colleges and universities.