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Program Planning / Course Selection

While some courses are required for graduation, many others can be selected to meet students' individual interests and goals.  As students move into the latter years of their secondary schooling and their goals are clearer, these choices become even more important.

Once students' have made your selections online, the school will design an individual timetable for them. Due to timetable constraints, sometimes students do not receive all their selected courses. For this reason students should think carefully about the alternate course choices they list on your program planning sheet; it is quite possible they may end up taking one or more of these courses. 

Students should also be aware that our timetable is driven by student requests. If insufficient numbers of students choose a particular course, it is necessary for the school to drop it from the master timetable. What this means is that all courses listed in this book may not be offered each year. Sometimes due to staffing or other changes, there may be some modifications of course offerings and descriptions without prior notice.

Timetabling (the number of sections of each course) is based on the course requests made by students in February and March. Therefore, we urge students to choose courses and alternatives carefully, keeping in mind the following factors:
• Courses will be offered only if there is sufficient enrolment to justify a class. If a student selects a course for which there is insufficient enrolment, the student will be placed in the first available alternative course identified by the student.

• Elective courses must be prioritized on the course selection sheets. In case of a conflict between two courses, the student will be placed in the course with the highest priority and the first alternative.

• Changing course requests is not always possible, even before the beginning of classes. Changing
courses after the initial course selection is difficult. Course changes are subject to space availability and scheduling constraints

• Many B.C. universities require students to complete a Modern Language to the grade 11 level.
• Details on post-secondary options may be found in the District Post-Secondary Handbook or the post-secondary calendars available in the Career Resource Centre.

Program planning for the following September begins in January of the current school year. Counsellors visit our elementary feeder schools to assist the Grade 7s coming to MacNeill. They also visit classrooms to help students currently at MacNeill plan a program that meets program requirements, suits both their needs and interests, and supports their post- secondary plans. Additionally, counsellors host information evenings for parents. We encourage all parents to be actively involved with their son’s or daughter’s program planning.

Program Planning Timeline    

December 13 Grade 7 Feeder School Articulation Breakfast @ 7:30 am
January 6 Registration Opens for 2019-2020 for New Catchment Students
January 13 Transfer Applications Accepted (at requested school)
January 22 Incentive Outdoor Program Parent Meeting for Gr. 7 Parents 7:30 pm (Small Gym)
Jan. 14-16 Gr. 7 Program Planning (Counsellors visit feeder elementary schools)
January 22 Program Planning Night for Current Grade 7 Parents @ 6:30 pm
MacNeill Open House @ 7-8:30 pm
January 14-16 ELL 1/2 Program Planning
(Counsellors visit ESL 1/2 classes, Schedule TBA).
February 3 Gr. 7 Course Selection Sheets Due (MacNeill will pick up forms Feb. 3-4)
January 7 - January 13

Grade Assemblies for Program Planning 

January 29 Program Planning Night for Current Grade 8 – 11 Parents @ 7:00pm
February 27 Transfer Applications are due (to requested school)

January 22 & 29

February 7

Incentive Information Meetings @7:30pm and @6:30pm

Incentive Applications DUE by 10AM

February 3 Online Course Selection Closes & Sheets are due to the Counselling Centre. 
April 1 Program Planning Evening for Transfer/New Students @ 2 PM 
April TBA SBT transition meeting with Elementary Schools
May TBA Gr. 7 Tours