Career Centre

The Career Centre is part of the Counselling Department.  It offers students an opportunity to explore career and post-secondary options and to obtain information and/or applications on the following: labour market trends, careers, post-secondary programs, Language Proficiency Index (LPI), TOEFL, SAT, ACT, scholarships, exchange programs and employment or volunteer opportunities.  The career centre is open daily, and our Career Information Advisory, Ms. Mayer, is at MacNeill every Tuesday, Friday and every second Wednesday.  Ms. Mayer is a valuable resource and students are encouraged to contact her with post-secondary/career questions.  Ms. Mayer also has a facebook account with Career Information for students: (

Click here for a monthly calendar of important post-secondary application dates.

The Career Centre has all your answers for planning your future.​

Career Developer Section

Resources for 'Self Awareness & Assessment for Career Development'

Blue Print Career Management Quiz

My Blueprint is a 32 question self assessment that helps you identify your strengths as they relate to Blueprint for Life/Work Design competencies.

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Work Preference Quiz 

The Work Preference Quiz is made up of 50 questions to help you determine your interests and the way you like to work. Based on your answers you will receive feedback that rates your work preferences in the following five areas: 

  • Objective - enjoy working with tools, equipment, instruments and machinery; 

  • Social - enjoy dealing with people; 

  • Methodical - like clear rules and organized methods to guide their activities. 

  • Directive - like to take responsibility for projects that require planning, decision making and coordinating the work of others. 

  • Innovative - like to explore things in depth and arrive at solutions to problems by experimenting. 

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Find Colleges and Universities in Canada offers information for more than 1,700 post-secondary institutions in Canada. It provides learners with information about programs, finances, careers, and more.


Career Cruising

Career Cruising is an industry-leading online career guidance and planning system. People of all ages use our tools to find the right career, explore education and training options, and build their own portfolio.


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