EN: AP English Language & Composition 12

Course Description

Prerequisite: English 11 or English 11 Pre-AP

English 12 AP English Language and Composition is an introductory college-level course in rhetoric and writing that prepares students to develop analytical and argumentative essays.  Students evaluate, synthesize and cite research to support their arguments.  Throughout the course, students develop a personal style through grammatical choices.  As well, students analyse rhetorical elements and their effect in non-fiction texts from many disciplines and historical periods.  At the conclusion of the course students have the option of writing the AP Language and Composition examination.  A sufficiently high score will give students credit for a 100-level course in college or university.

AP English Language and Composition 12 is taught along with English 12.  Students in the English 12 AP Language and Composition course will earn credit for both English 12 and English 12 AP (Language), and prepare for the AP Language and Composition exam.

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