CP: Career Preparation Theatre

Course Description

Students interested in careers such as: acting, teaching, film directing, make-up artistry, producing, stage hand, stage managing, stage directing, wardrobe assistant, film technician, stage carpenter, and radio technician should consider this career preparation opportunity.

      Required Course: Career Preparation Work Experience 12

      Focus Course #1: Acting 11

      Focus Course #2: Acting 12

      Support Courses: (must enrol in a minimum of 1 of these classes)       

        Any Art 11/12

        Any Modern Language 11/12

        Any Music 11/12

        Drafting 10-12  

        Dance Company, Technique &   

        Performance 11/12

        Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12

        Family Studies 11/12

        History 12

        Leadership 12

        Marketing & Promotion 11




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