CP: Career Preparation Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Course Description

Students interested in exploring sports and recreation or sports medicine related fields should look at the career opportunities of this program. Physical education teacher, sports club program director, community centre director, cruise line recreation director, chiropractor, recreational therapist, sports medicine doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, and acupuncturist are examples.

      Required Course: Career Preparation Work Experience 12

      Focus Course #1: Physical Education or Fitness 11                                                                        

      Focus Course #2: Physical Education or Fitness 12, or Health Science 12

      Support Courses: (must enrol in a minimum of 1 of these classes)

           Any Science 11/12

           Any PE/Fitness 11/12 (in addition to

           the focus course)

           Dance Company, Technique &    

           Performance 11/12

           Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12

           Foods & Nutrition or Baking/Pastry

           Arts Levels 1-3

          Marketing & Promotion 11

          Peer Tutoring 11/12

          Citizen Leadership 11/12

          Recreational Leadership 11/12


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