CP: Career Preparation Science & Applied Science

Course Description

The science career preparation program is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in science related fields. Students interested in nursing, medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation therapy, pharmacy, or any science field should consider this program.

      Required Course: Career Preparation Work Experience 12

      Focus Course #1: Any Science 11                                                                                                    

      Focus Course #2: Any Science 12

     Support Courses: (must enrol in a minimum of 1 of these classes)

       Any Math 11/12

       Any Science 11/12 (in addition to

       the focus course)

       Family Studies 11/12

       Fitness 11/12

       Foods & Nutrition Level  1-3

       Computer Programming 11/12

       Leadership 12

       Peer Tutoring 11/12


Course Code


Grade Level