CP: Career Preparation Information Computer Technology

Course Description

This program will interest students wanting to explore the ever expanding information computer technology field. Some occupational choices in this field include desktop

publishing, computer sales & marketing, computer science specialist, computer systems analyst, computer programming, and multimedia designer.

Required Course: Career Preparation Work Experience 12

    Focus Course #1: Computer Programming 11

    Focus Course #2: Computer Programming 12

      Support Courses: (must enrol in a minimum of 1 of these classes):

        Accounting 11/12

        Any Math 11/12

        Any Modern Language 11/12

        Drafting 10, 11, 12

        Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12

        Keyboarding 11/12

        Law 12

        Leadership 12

        Marketing & Promotion 11

        Visual Art: Media Art 11/12


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