CP: Career Preparation Human Services

Course Description

This program will interest students who wish to explore careers related to various aspects of one of the largest growing sectors of BC’s economy: Human Services. This course of study will provide students with insights into the skills, responsibilities and issues pertaining to careers which focus on meeting human needs in the areas of education, social services, hospitality and tourism and leisure services.

Required Course: Career Preparation Work Experience 12

Focus Course #1: Citizenship Leadership 11 or 12 or Recreation Leadership 11 or 12        

Focus Course #2: English 12

Support Courses: (must enrol in a minimum of 1 of these classes)

          Any Science 11/12

          Any PE/Fitness 11/12

          Any Math 11/12

          Any Modern Language 11/12

          Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12

          Family Studies 11/12

          Foods & Nutrition or Baking/Pastry

          Arts Levels 2-4

          Geography 12

          History 12

          Keyboarding 11/12

          Computer Programming 11/12

          Peer Tutoring 11/12

          Marketing & Promotion 11

          Textiles 11/12


Course Code


Grade Level