ART: Studio Arts 11: Ceramics and Sculpture

Course Description

 Whether new to sculpture or continuing on from an earlier class, this course promises to challenge you with new ideas, through interesting and creative avenues.  Students will learn to use a variety of tools and techniques.  A constant focus will be on image development, reflecting and collaborating during the creative process.  Students will further develop their understanding of design principles, as they relate to depth and space.  Students will explore and problem solve, through many three-dimensional materials and processes, including architectural models, ceramics, carving, assemblage, figurative and non-figurative sculpture. Emphasis will be on creativity, form and craftsmanship. As well, students will be exposed to traditional and contemporary aboriginal worldviews, focusing on cross-cultural perspectives.  Throughout, they will develop an understanding and appreciation of art from a variety of places, cultures, times and environments.  They will be able to develop their own individual style.

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