ART: Photography 12 (Visual Arts and Media Arts Level 3)

Course Description

 Recommended Pre-requisite: Photography 11 or Photo teacher permission
This very unique course will offer advanced creative photographic opportunities to students who wish to explore and manipulate traditional photography techniques and multimedia for creative, communicative purposes. Emphasis will be on personal, social, historical and political ways of expression through photographic process. Students will also use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to accomplish certain digital effects.  This course provides excellent opportunity for students considering a career in the communication arts to help build a quality portfolio necessary for art school admission. Assignments will be self-directed under selected branch topics. At this level students are expected to be self-motivated and work independently to develop their own unique personal style. Evaluation will be based on assignments, projects, practical research and a final portfolio.  Basic supplies will be provided to students in order to meet the learning outcomes of all courses. Should a student wish to use optional materials to enhance or elaborate upon the learning outcomes, then these may be purchased directly (and brought to the school) or through the school on a cost-recovery basis. 
1. Access to a DSLR camera

2. SD Memory Card

3. Hard bound blank paged journal - this can be the same one used in Photography 11

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