Over the course of the year, we will continue to engage parents, students and staff in focussed conversations around enhancing student learning. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to reveal their deepening understanding and committment to themselves as learners. As well, we will continue to provide opportunities for staff to expand their own professional growth and learning. 

Together, we will share our learning journey with the larger school community through a variety of platforms, including photos, video, and blog posts. 

Off to a Great Start! 2018-2019

Please take a look at our first blog post of the year to see a few of the great activities and events that have already occured in the months of September and October. Link: Off to a Great Start!

As well, our clubs are off to a great start, with MacNeill's Green Team setting the bar high by being recognized by the David Suzuki Foundation for their committment to helping butterflies, bees and other pollinators. The school received a special plaque identifying us as a "Butterflyway School"  that was presented at the Eco Fair which took place on Sunday, October 31st. 

Richmond News: 3 Richmond Schools Recognized for Protecting Butterflies


Some 2017-2018 Highlights: 

Learning Commons Innovation Grant, What's App Initiative, School Garden, Green Team E-Waste Recycling, Grade 7 Volleyball Feeder School Tournament, Theatre Production- Girl With the Golden Locks, Ivan Coyote presentation on inclusive school communities, Hour of Code, and much, much more!