Digital Yearbook Signing


Yearbook Distribution will take place on Thursday June 24th and Friday June 25th. 

Please note:  As we are still guided by strict protocol around social distancing and safe practices, students will NOT be permitted to sign yearbooks on school property.  Students will be asked to pick up their yearbooks and leave the property so that the next group can come in. Though we know many students will find opportunities to have close friends physically sign their books (outside of school), with of the help of Josten's, another possibility does exist to have more people sign.


From Jostens:

One of the best parts about the yearbook experience is the notes and signatures from friends.  Now, with Digital Yearbook Signing Pages, all students have the opportunity to take part in that tradition with a fun, free, interactive experience that results in a permanent keepsake.


It’s free to all students and is a great way to bring our school community together and remember this historic school year!


How does this work?



In short, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Start by setting up your personal signing pages on is external).
  2. Next, invite your friends and family to sign their pages with fun messages, memories and clip art!
  3. Next, print the pages, tuck them safely into their yearbook and cherish them forever. 


Please make sure you have checked to ensure you have paid for a yearbook and all outstanding fees have been paid.