Have A Great Summer!!! See you on September 3, 2019

Though the 2018-19 school year has ended, on behalf of the school administration, we wanted to express our sincere thank you to students, parents and all in the school community for continuing to maintain the tradition of excellence at MacNeill Secondary School. It was an amazing year! MacNeill students continued to maintain POWERFUL academic and extracurricular accomplishments.  Our parent volunteers on PAC and Dry After Grad have played an invaluable part in sustaining the strong sense of community at our school. We thank all parents and families for encouraging and supporting your children’s learning and for your participation and support of our activities and events throughout the year. Enjoy the summer and we will see you in September.


On Sept.3, 2019 the following grades will be reporting to the large gym on our first day back:


Grades: Time:
All Gr 8 Students 9:00am
All Gr. 9 Students 11:00am
All Gr. 10 & 11 Students Noon 
All Gr. 12 Students 1:00pm