MacNeill Theatre Presents:The Wizard's Magical Mistake

What if you came to see a play, but due to a disastrous mistake by a 16th Century Wizard, you and the entire audience were suddenly transported back to his time period? That is exactly what happens in this fun-filled, farcical and fast-paced comedy. The audience settles down to watch a contemporary play when suddenly, with lights flickering, eerie sound effects, moving furniture and a misty fog filtering in…the curtain quickly shuts on the "real" play and seconds later, reopens revealing the chamber of Wizard Corrigan. The Wizard must now correct his mistake and he has one hour to fix it or the entire audience will be stuck in the 16th Century - forever floating in limbo. It won't be easy - the pompous King and his narcissistic Queen are making his frantic fix very difficult. With seconds to spare, the Wizard successfully returns the audience back to the present time and as such - all is well. Well…almost. The Wizard sort of made another mistake - a few unexpected passengers came along on the return trip. Oops!