New: Outdoor Incentive Program Application 2019/2020


The Incentive Outdoor Program attracts creative and motivated students with a passion for the outdoors. The fundamental goal of the program is to provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, innovative problem-solving and adaptability, both in the classroom and in the larger community. Incentive is an experiential program that develops competent, confident and caring people with strong leadership and outdoor education skills.



Incentive Outdoor Program offers a strong outdoor education component with a focus on environmental sustainability and stewardship. Students will develop skills in a variety of areas throughout the school year. These sessions culminate each year in an extended outdoor excursion (e.g. Strathcona Park Lodge) in late May. This outdoor programming is also integrated with students’ academics, with opportunities for students to explore their relationship and responsibilities to their natural environment while learning outdoor skills.



Students in the Incentive Outdoor Program will develop an awareness of self, identifying areas of strength, as well as areas for self-improvement. Through the various curricular areas, students will develop the core competencies of Communication, Critical Thinking, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, Personal Awareness and Responsibility and Social Responsibility. Students will engage in collaborative and independent inquiry-based learning, both at the school as well as within the community. Students will receive instruction in English, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical and Health Education. Students will also develop skills in a variety of elective areas such as Food Studies, Music and Media Design.