First Day of School September 4, 2018: Important Information


We hope everyone is enjoying the summer holiday.  It will not be long before the 2018-2019 school year will begin.  This post is intended to provide some general information to our students and parents about important details pertaining to the first week of school.  On behalf of the entire MacNeill Secondary School staff, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new MacNeill students and their families, as well as all returning families! It is an exciting time for students who are entering MacNeill for the first time and also the beginning of a memorable year for the Grads of 2019 who will be celebrating numerous grad events and activities throughout the year.

September 2018 marks the beginning of the fifteenth year since the opening of MacNeill Secondary School and our tenth year of the school-wide POWER program in the continued evolution of the school.  Students new to MacNeill will soon learn about POWERPositive Attitude – participating enthusiastically; Ownership – being accountable; We not Me – being safe, empathetic and welcoming; Excellence – striving to do our best; and Respect – caring for self, each other and our environment.  In our classrooms and around the school community, we will continue to strive to meet the school-wide expectations of our positive behaviour support program. We believe in building relationships and making connections as the bases for developing a strong learning community. This coming year promises to be a successful one as students, parents and staff commit to working hard and striving for excellence by creating a caring, respectful and responsible community for learning. 

What Do I Do On the First Day of School?

Tuesday, September 4 is the first official day of school and all students will go to the Large Gym to check the location of their Advisory classroom and then be seated in the bleachers.  Each grade will have an assembly in the large gym, and then students will be dismissed to go to their Advisory homeroom.  The grade assembly and Advisory homeroom will take approximately one hour, but will depend on the grade level (grade 8 will be one and a half hours).

  For the first day of school, students will need both something to write with, and write on.  Students will receive a more comprehensive overview during the first week of school.  Teachers will explain and discuss policies and procedures.  A locker and a school lock will be assigned.  Important forms and handouts will be given to students and several will need to be returned the next day (fieldtrip forms). Since the first day of school is for advisory/homeroom only, students will not need to bring their lunch. 

The Advisory/homeroom times for each grade for the first day of school are as follows:

On Sept.4, 2018 the following grades will be reporting to the large gym on our first day back:


Grades: Time:
All Gr 8 Students 9:00am
All Gr. 9 Students 11:00am
All Gr. 10 & 11 Students Noon 
All Gr. 12 Students 1:00pm


All students are to report to the large gym during the above times.