Pursuing Academic Excellence


SDS (Self Directed Studies)

Self-directed studies is a course unique to the Incentive Program.  It is the course that Incentive alumni most often credit for preparing them for grade 11/12 and for university.  In this course, students choose and research a topic of their choice, preparing a formal research paper or an oral presentation.  They are supported through this process with coursework, collaborative editing, and one-on-one conferences with teachers.  SDS helps students become more independent and able to set their own goals. Oral presentations also help students develop excellent communication skills, which help them in their other courses.  This course is offered as a multi-grade course (grades 8-10), and older students set a strong example for younger students.



Every year Incentive puts on a major dramatic production. Past performances have included Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night Dream, Romeo and Juliette; an Incentive student-written production entitled The Dramatic Life of Willard Marley; a comedy The Green Knight, and West Side Story. Drama at Incentive is offered in our curriculum during elective time.

At Incentive we have the philosophy that rather than audition for a limited number of roles, every student who wishes to be in our production is guaranteed a part. Sometimes we rewrite the play especially to accommodate extra roles and we usually have multiple casts and several performances to give everyone an opportunity!

Drama encourages the development of confidence and communication skills.


Grease (2005)

West Side Story


Video Production

As of 2009, we have a video production course.  Students participate in all aspects of making their own short films, including storyboarding, script writing, acting, filming, and editing.  Students build highly transferable skills as they collaborate on these creative projects together.  The course culminates in an Incentive film festival, where students showcase their work from the year.


Applied Skills/Fine Arts Electives

  • workshop format - shorter courses
  • students are given the opportunity to teach some fine arts to other students
  • multigrade courses

Courses change slightly each year.  Typical courses offered include:

First aid, sewing, cooking, 3D animation, woodworking, entrepreneurship, kite-making, and drama games.