Pursuing Academic Excellence

Science Fair

Every year the entire Incentive program does a science fair. Some students go on to participate at the UBC regional competition in April. In the past, students have won medals at the UBC competition and gone on to participate at the National and even the world level. Participation in science fair is an excellent item to have on your resume and can help in applications for scholarships!

Topics have included investigations of:

  • antibiotics versus herbal remedies
  • the earth's magnetic field
  • life in Richmond's ditches
  • and many more…

There is an exhibit night every year for parents to view the science fairs.

Recent Gold Medal Winner!

Yichen Zhang (Incentive Grade 10) won a gold medal at the UBC Regional Science Fair April 2011, and went on to win a silver medal at the Canadian National Science Fair in Toronto in May 2011 for his project: Supergrass II: The Cytotoxicity of Lemongrass Essential Oils on Colorectal Cancer Cells