Program Description


The Incentive Outdoor Program attracts creative and motivated students with a passion for the outdoors.  The fundamental goal of the program is to provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, innovative problem-solving and adaptability, both in the classroom and in the larger community. Incentive is an experiential program that develops competent, confident and caring people with strong leadership and outdoor education skills. 


Incentive Outdoor Program offers a strong outdoor education component with a focus on environmental sustainability and stewardship. Students will develop skills in a variety of areas throughout the school year.  These sessions culminate each year in an extended outdoor excursion (e.g. Strathcona Park Lodge) in late May.  This outdoor programming is also integrated with students’ academics, with opportunities for students to explore their relationship and responsibilities to their natural environment while learning outdoor skills.

Please Note: Outdoor Education 8-10 is based on the Outdoor Education PHE 11 & 12 Curriculum. As such, students who successfully complete our Outdoor Education 9 & 10 courses will be granted senior level credits which allow them to take more advanced academic courses in their senior high school years should they choose. 


Students in the Incentive Outdoor Program will develop an awareness of self, identifying areas of strength, as well as areas for self-improvement. Through the various curricular areas, students will develop the core competencies of Communication, Critical Thinking, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, Personal Awareness and Responsibility and Social Responsibility. Students will engage in collaborative and independent inquiry-based learning, both at the school as well as within the community. Students will receive instruction in English, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Outdoor Education 11/12, and Physical and Health Education. Students will also develop skills through Independent Studies (Gr. 8/9) and Career Life Education (Gr. 10).


The Incentive Outdoor Program is primarily staffed by three full-time Incentive teachers and is part of A.R. MacNeill Secondary School. The program consists of three grades, Grade 8, 9 and 10 and employs a cohort model. This model involves students moving together through their courses, as well as engaging in a variety of outdoor activities together to create a special and lasting bond. The cohort model, coupled with a multi-grade environment, creates a supportive environment where students can grow, take risks, and develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. 

Examples of Outdoor Trips: 

  • Local trips to Richmond Nature Park, Garden City Park 
  • Camp Summit: All students engage in team building and climbing activities. As well, they participate in mountain biking, archery, and camping. 
  • Whistler: Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding 
  • Takaya: Indigenous Canoe Tours
  • Strathcona Park Lodge: Students participate in a range of more challenging out-trips (ex: Wilderness Camping, Rock Climbing, Kayaking/Canoeing, Mountain Biking & more!)



Students may enter the Incentive Outdoor Program in Grade 8, 9 or 10 and should:

  • have a strong desire to attend the Incentive Outdoor Education Program
  • have a strong desire to develop outdoor leadership skills
  • be committed to actively participate in all the outdoor activities
  • demonstrate resilience and a growth mindset
  • have the ability to organize time and work independently
  • enjoy working collaboratively
  • demonstrate social responsibility and community involvement 
  • demonstrate ownership for their learning
  • demonstrate strong academic proficiency in all subject areas (at the Grade 10 level, all students will be expected to complete Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10)


Cost: Incentive students participate in many activities that have an associated cost.  The total cost of all the trips and activities is estimated between $1800 - $2200. It should be understood that these activities are an integral part of the program. Candidates and their families should apply with this understanding.