Pursuing Academic Excellence

Outdoor Education

Incentive PE


Incentive is an experiential school with an outstanding outdoor physical education program that develops competent, confident, caring people with strong leadership skills. We encourage these skills through:

  • a multi-grade environment, which enables older students to mentor younger students
  • a valuing of the importance of keeping an open mind toward new and challenging activities
  • an emphasis on the importance of life-long physical education
  • the ability to build on skills in a certain activity over three years with the ability to obtain certifications   (ex. sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, martial arts)

Our activities vary each year.  Students are able to select the activities that most interest them.  Some common options include:

  • rockclimbing
  • kayaking
  • sailing (dinghy and keelboat)
  • curling
  • skating
  • snowshoeing
  • skiing (cross-country and alpine)
  • tennis, squash
  • horseback riding
  • hiking (Hollyburn, Mt. Seymour, The Chief)

We enable students to develop their physical activity skills in our PE classes, but also during the 6 full-day activites and the 2 retreats/adventure weeks each year.  Options for these longer-duration adventures may include skiing at Whistler, canoeing at Strathcona Park Lodge, and sailing in the Gulf Islands.