Pursuing Academic Excellence

Academic Field Trips

Each year, the Incentive Program offers a wide variety of academic field trips and extra-curricular events that support in-class learning. We believe that these opportunities offer students the chance to learn hands-on and stimulate motivation in a subject. 
Some past examples include:
Science: World-renowned Bamfield Marine Science Center* (3 days), Playland Physics Day, Science Fair at UBC, BC Science Center.
Planning 10: Career fair at UBC, tour at CBC studios.
French: Crepe van, lunch in a French restaurant, galette des rois.
Math: Gauss, Cayley and Pascal math contests
Electives: Fine arts performances at the Gateway Theatre
PE: A week-long sailing trip, 3-day kayaking trip in Nootka sound

*Bamfield Marine Science Centre on Vancouver Island every fall to perform experiments that cannot be done in the classroom (fundraising is encouraged). Several students have decided to continue studies in marine biology at university as a result of this challenging and motivating experience.

Bamfield – a sea cucumber!
(students explore the contents of the tank after an ocean dredge)

Playland Physics Day
(students measure velocity and height by trigonemetric methods)

(students skip with bull kelp – an ancient tradition)